What is Friends' Role?

The City of Bristol is paying the $1,000,000 construction cost of the Nature Center addition. This was made possible, in large part, thanks to the $2 per vehicle park entry fee that was initiated in 2014.

Friends is committed to providing the money needed for all of the new and refurbished dis-plays, including the hands-on learning exhibits. In addition, we will raise money to pay for new educational and research equipment, furnishings and other material throughout the facility, and additional Nature Center programming.

We are working closely with the Nature Center staff to assure that the exhibits will be, not only interesting and entertaining, but of the highest educational quality possible. Our goals are to maintain the focus on the local environment and to encourage visitors to get out and explore the Park with knowledge gained by visiting the Nature Center.

To assure the quality of the exhibits, we are also collaborating with Ed Hackley, an internationally recognized exhibit designer and Bristol native.