Session Titles & Deadlines

January 30—February 21

Hidden Hearts

Where can you find a heart that someone else may not see?

February 22—March 21


Is your head in the clouds?

March 22—April 21

On Top of the World

A bird’s eye view.

April 22—May 21

Bristol in Bloom

What is blooming in your life?

May 22—June 21

Standing Out

What catches your eye?

June 22 – July 21


Ready! Set! Go!

July 22—August 21


Share your “night moves.”

August 22—September 21

The Golden Hour

The hour after the sun rises, and the hour before the sun sets.

September 22—October 21


Bristol was established in 1856...have fun!

October 22—November 21

Spectacular Fall Colors

Red, yellow, orange, and brown!

November 22—December 21

Holiday Lights & Celebrations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December 22—January 21

Something New

What have you experienced that’s new in your life?