Solid Waste Control Digest
For Your Information
The following is a summary of various solid waste and environmental ordinances and policies of the City of Bristol Tennessee, and will help you understand the requirements for the proper disposal of litter and other forms of refuse. Observation and compliance with these guidelines will assist in making Bristol a cleaner, safer and more attractive place to live.

Where Litter Comes From
Keeping Bristol litter-free is everyone's responsibility, residents and businesses alike. Litter comes from:
  • Construction sites and areas without proper trash receptacles
  • Improperly containerized curbside trash
  • Loading and unloading areas
  • Motorists
  • Parking lots without trash receptacles
  • Pedestrians
  • Putting trash out early
  • Uncovered business refuse containers
  • Uncovered household garbage cans
In order to keep Bristol beautiful, we ask everyone to avoid throwing litter such as papers, cigarette butts, bottles, cans, matchbooks, glass, garbage, and other refuse onto streets, sidewalks, yards, parks, median strips, vacant lots, parking lots, refuse storage areas, or other public and private property. Such littering is illegal and subject to fines.