Business Solid Waste Disposal

Service to city served non-residential establishments may be determined by the weekly refuse volume. Contact the Public Services Division at 423-989-5670 for collection options.


Please keep sidewalks, which are around your property clean of all:

  • Debris
  • Dirt
  • Ice
  • Refuse
  • Snow

Please sweep and properly dispose of such litter and do not sweep it into the street.

Dumpsters / Containers

Please keep dumpsters and other containers in a place easily accessible to a collection vehicle. For sanitary and aesthetic reasons, containers should always be clean, neat, painted and in good condition, including all doors and lid springs. The property owner or occupant is responsible for cleaning up spilled materials. Storage of dumpsters or containers should not be in front of the building line closest to the street unless completely screened from the public view.

Parking Lots

Parking lot and establishment owners should provide refuse containers for parking lots and establishments with parking lots. Containers should be distributed throughout the area for easy use by your customers. Weight or attach receptacles to the ground to prevent spillage. Because most parking lots are private property, it is the owner's responsibility to collect the refuse and store in a suitable location for collection.

Loading & Unloading Areas

If you are the owner or operator of a loading or unloading area, it is your responsibility to containerize loose debris, paper, packaging materials, and other trash.

Construction Sites

Please provide on-site refuse containers for loose debris, paper, building material waste, scrap building material, lot clearings, and other trash produced by construction. All such material should be containerized by the end of each day, and the site must be kept in reasonably clean and litter-free condition.

In order to maintain clean and safe streets, dirt, mud, construction materials, or other debris deposited upon a public street as a result of the construction must be removed by the contractor.