Special Solid Waste Disposal Problems

Stray, Injured, Dead Animals

Report to the City of Bristol Tennessee Animal Control Officer 423-989-5537. Small dead animals are collected by the city during normal working hours, provided the dead animal is in a location accessible to the collector.


For safety reasons, discarded appliances, refrigerators, or other airtight containers should never be left in a place accessible to children. This does not apply to an appliance which has been crated, strapped, locked, or altered so that is impossible for a child to become trapped inside. Discarded household furniture and appliances may be picked up by the city at curbside, scheduled on the same day as the regular garbage collection day.


Live coals or ashes should not be placed in containers for collection unless the ashes or coals have been thoroughly wetted and are completely cold.

Building Materials

The city is not be responsible for the collection or hauling of building materials originating from private property preliminary to, during, or after the construction of new or renovated buildings. Such material must be removed by the owner of the property or the contractor.

Cardboard Boxes & Cartons

Please collapse all cardboard boxes, cartons or crates prior to collection and place with the regular garbage (inside the garbage can/not outside) or recycle them at points throughout the city.

Hazardous Waste

The city is not responsible for collecting hazardous or liquid wastes or highly combustible industrial waste, but may offer an annual date and selected site for such disposal.

Illegal Dumping

Litter should not be disposed of or discarded on private property. Hauling of trash or debris originating from outside the corporate limits into the city for collection by city crews is not permitted.


Property owners and tenants are prohibited from allowing the accumulation on their premises of materials that would create a littered condition, such as:

  • Appliances
  • Automobile Parts
  • Building Material
  • Machinery Equipment
  • Tires Dilapidated Furniture or other items which are in a junked or inoperative condition and which are not completely enclosed within a building or dwelling

This does not apply to authorized junk dealers or establishments licensed to engage in such activities.

Paint / Chemicals

Leftover paint and similar materials should be allowed to dry and solidify thoroughly before placing at the curbside for collection. When prepared as described, place such cans, with lids removed, beside refuse containers for collection.