Request Public Records

The Tennessee Public Records Act provides that municipal records shall be open for public inspection by citizens of Tennessee during the City's regular business hours. The City of Bristol, Tennessee has adopted a Public Records Policy that explains how the City will provide access to its public records to citizens of Tennessee. This Policy outlines how a request to inspect or copy records can be made, how confidential records will be handled, what fees may be charged, and when waivers of fees are available.

City of Bristol TN Public Records Policy (PDF)

To obtain copies of records from the City, please use the Public Records Request Form (PDF). You may submit it in person to the City Attorney at City Hall, Room 201, or by email, or by fax at 423-989-5506.

To obtain copies of Police Records, submit the Public Records Request Form (PDF) to the Records division of the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department at City Hall.

Please be prepared to present proof of your Tennessee Citizenship if you wish to inspect or obtain copies of Public Records. The only exceptions to this requirement are:

  • Inspection of the routine press log produced by the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department.
  • Police incident reports or crash reports, if the requestor is the subject of such report (i.e., a suspect, complainant, or witness), or the authorized representative of such subject (for example, an attorney or insurance agent). (Criminal records that are otherwise confidential will not be provided.)
  • Requests for Building Permits.

If you are seeking records of Bristol, Tennessee City Schools or Bristol Tennessee Essential Services, please contact those organizations directly.

If you have questions or concerns about the City's Public Records Policy, you may address them to the City Attorney, who serves as the Public Records Request Coordinator for the City, or to the Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel.