Citizen's Police Academy

Fall 2021 Citizens Police Academy 

For more information, contact Officer Nathan Greene at 423-340-6481.

September 27 through December 6. Meets Monday evenings from 7-10 pm, one Saturday session.

The Citizen's Police Academy is designed to develop and enhance citizen awareness and understanding of the police officer's role in the community. The Academy is designed for citizens of different backgrounds, occupations, and ages. We offer academies designed specifically for Seniors and Teens.

The Program

The program consists of 27 hours of police training with a majority of the instruction being "hands on". Training areas covered include traffic stops, criminal investigation procedures, firearms and self-defense instruction, accident investigation, narcotics and vice investigation, communications, domestic violence and "driving under the influence" (DUI) enforcement. In addition, students are required to ride for 2 shifts on patrol with a certified police officer.

Better Informed Citizens

The objective is not to make the "graduates" police officers, but better informed citizens with a greater general knowledge of our many functions. We also hope to foster enhanced community relations through these graduates and the people they touch in every day life.