Finance Department

The Finance Department oversees the accounting, budgeting, court, financial reporting, property tax and utility billing functions for the city. The department is also responsible for the management and security of the city's financial records and official city records, such as minutes, ordinances and resolutions.


The accounting function is comprised of external financial reporting, general ledger maintenance, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The city currently has 20 funds that are under the control of the department. Staff manages the General Fund, 9 special revenue funds, the Debt Service Fund, 3 capital projects funds, 2 proprietary funds, an internal service fund, a trust fund and 2 agency funds. As part of the financial reporting function, staff prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) at the close of every fiscal year.


The budget function includes administration of the budget process and preparation of the budget document on an annual basis. This process commences in January for the upcoming fiscal year and is normally a 4 month process. A draft budget document is prepared for council review at the April work session. The budget ordinance presented for council approval at the May and June meetings. Staff also coordinates implementation of the annual capital and operating budgets and monitors results throughout the year.


The department is responsible for the collection of all revenue of the city including property taxes, business taxes and municipal fines. The office also oversees the billing process for utility services, including water, sewer, and solid waste collection services.

Important Documents


Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports