About Us

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) (PDF) component provides administration of transportation grants, long-range transportation planning, traffic engineering, and coordination with the Executive Board to program federal transportation funds. The MPO works jointly with the State Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and Federal Transit Administration to administer the local transportation planning process. The MPO also strives to provide technical assistance to member jurisdictions in the pursuit of state and federal transportation funding beyond the programmed transportation funds.

The Bristol TN/VA MPO serves five jurisdictions: the City of Bristol, TN, the City of Bristol, VA, Abingdon, VA, parts of Sullivan County, TN, and parts of Washington County, VA.

To learn more about the local planning activities of our member jurisdictions, please visit their websites linked below:

Town of Abingdon, Virginia

City of Bristol, Tennessee

City of Bristol, Virginia

Sullivan County, Tennessee

Washington County, Virginia