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Round 6 (FY 2026) of the SMART SCALE program is underway in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This page will be updated with resources and key information related to the development of applications as they become available.

Technical Guide


Important Dates

February 28, 2PM - 4PMPre-Application Training Webinar - Register here
March 1 - March 31Pre-Applications Open
April 1Pre-Applications Close
April 1 - May 31VDOT/DRPT/OIPI Application Pre-Screen
June 1 - July 31Full Applications Open
July 15All Supporting Documentation Due
August 1Full Applications Due
January 2025 (estimated)Staff Recommended Funding Scenario Available
February 2025 - June 2025 (estimated)CTB Review, Stakeholder Input, and Final SYIP Adoption


Transportation resources are scarce. To distribute limited state transportation funds fairly, transparently, and effectively, Virginia created a scoring method to determine which transportation projects should receive state funding. MPOs, localities, planning district commissions, and transit agencies submit projects for state funding consideration. Projects that score the highest are most likely to receive state funding. The scoring method is known as SMART SCALE, which is an acronym. SMART stands for: System for the Management and Allocation of Resources for Transportation. SCALE conveys the key factors used in evaluating a project’s merits: Safety, Congestion reduction, Accessibility, Land use, and Economic development and the Environment.

Selection of Projects for Funding

Submitted projects are individually and objectively scored based on the project’s impact on specific key factors: safety, congestion reduction, accessibility, land use, economic development, and environmental impacts. After the projects are scored, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) selects the projects that will receive state funding and includes these projects in the state’s Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP).

Selection Process

Local jurisdictions or the MPO submit their eligible transportation project applications to the state. Next, the state scores and prioritizes submitted projects. Finally, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) uses the scores to select the right projects for funding. The projects are included in the Six-Year Improvement Program and are fully funded through construction.

Project Scoring

SMART SCALE scores are determined for each transportation project. Scores are calculated by considering how the project impacts the following factors: safety, congestion mitigation, accessibility, environmental quality, economic development, land use and project cost. These factors are weighed differently based on the SMART SCALE category of a region. For a complete understanding of how projects are scored, visit the SMART SCALE website, here.


A “round” refers to one full SMART SCALE cycle. Currently, there are two years between cycles.