Whitetop Creek Park

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Whitetop Creek Park is a 55.8-acre park located off of Highway 394 across from the Bristol Dragway. It was developed as a softball/soccer field complex to provide sport fields for in-house activities as well as tournament rentals. Park planning began in 1993 and the park opened to the public in 2001. During this period a number of state grants were awarded and community sponsorships were obtained to complete the project.

Softball Fields

The park consists of 4 softball fields in a circle around a four-sided score tower. Two fields have a 300-foot fence and two fields have a 325-foot fence. When the outfield fence needs to be shorter, a portable break-away fence is installed at the required distance which could be from 180 to 220 feet. There are four portable pitching mounds so these fields can also be used for youth baseball tournaments.

The fields are lighted for nighttime play. The score tower is a two-story structure which houses men's and women's restrooms on the first floor along with a concession stand and storage rooms. The second floor houses an office and an individual score keeper's room for each field. There is also a lift to make the building handicapped accessible.

Soccer Fields

There are also 4 soccer fields located on the upper tier. These fields are lighted for nighttime play. Men's, women's, and a family restroom are located in a building which serves all 4 soccer fields. It also houses storage rooms and a soon to be concession stand. These fields were poorly constructed and are now being renovated to include irrigation, topsoil and new grass.

Multi-Purpose Field

A multi-purpose field is also available for use for:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball tournaments

There is a backstop located in one corner and a skinned infield. This area is not lighted.

Walking Trail & Playground

The park has a one-mile walking trail around the perimeter of the park and includes interpretive signage. There is a pavilion with men's, women's, and family restrooms. Next to the pavilion is a playground for 5 to 12-year-olds, a 2 bay swing set with 3 belt seats and one tot seat, and a paved regulation basketball court.

Pond & Wetland

A 1.5-acre pond is located behind the softball fields. It was built with the idea of using it and the adjacent creek for irrigation. After further investigation, it was discovered that the volume of water in the pond would not sufficiently provide enough water for the fields. There is also a wetland with a short boardwalk located beside the multipurpose field.


This park has its own maintenance shop to store and maintain supplies and equipment needed to keep the ball fields in tip-top shape. It has an office, a bathroom with shower, and a large bay area to work on equipment or anything else used at the park.

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