Criminal Investigations

Captain Terry Johnson and Lieutenant Debbie Richmond oversee the general and juvenile investigations; Lieutenant Brad Tate oversees the Street Crimes Unit.


CID conducts inquiries into major felony offenses including: homicide, suicide, kidnapping, rape, sexual assault, burglary, robbery, theft, fraud, internet crimes, arson and crimes against children and the elderly.  In addition, some other cases, including misdemeanor cases, are assigned to investigators based upon department protocol.  An example would be a missing / endangered person.

Other Responsibilities

CID and SCU also assist the Patrol, Community Programs, and Administrative divisions by providing expertise, equipment and manpower at the scene of major crimes, accidents and other incidents of a significant nature and by teaching classes to officers, civilian personnel and members of the Citizen and Teen Police Academies.

Domestic Violence

CID houses the Department's Domestic Violence officer, Sergeant Jason McCready, who reviews all domestic violence incidents that occur in the city to ensure the safety of the victim.    Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to contact Sergeant McCready for assistance with their case information or referral to other victim services organizations in our community.  See the Victim's Services page for more information.

Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Services
Branch House Family Center is a collaborative community advocacy center that helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault begin the healing process from a position of safety and support. Branch House coordinates free services for survivors and provides assistance for meeting immediate and long-term needs, including medical and legal assistance. On-site services include representatives from local agencies that have been specially trained to provide assistance to people who have experienced domestic or sexual violence. and include those of the law enforcement community, legal counselors, and advocates. Staff can also provide information about other community resources such as child protective services, shelters, public assistance programs, and can contacted at 423-574-7233. Abuse Alternatives operates a domestic violence shelter that serves victims of domestic violence from Bristol and the surrounding jurisdictions. They maintain a 24-hour hotline at 800-987-6499 or 423-764-2287. Their website provides information for victims of domestic violence including information on safety planningThe Crisis Center also operates a 24-hour hotline at 276-466-2312.