Street Crimes Unit


The Police Department's Street Crime Unit (SCU), under the direction of the Criminal Investigations Division, conducts inquiries into drug and vice complaints within the city, targeting street to mid-level dealers, prostitution, and gambling. 

Undercover Operations

The SCU also assists the Crime Investigations Division (CID) and patrol by operating in an undercover role and providing equipment and assistance for conducting video and audio surveillance of suspects.

Citizen Tips

The basis of many SCU investigations are citizen provided tips. Anyone with information on illegal drug activity within the city can report it either by contacting unit officers directly at 423-989-5532, or by calling the Department's TIPS line at 423-764-TIPS (764-8477).


SCU investigates crimes such as gambling, prostitution, the sale of alcohol/cigarettes to minors, along with drug related crimes including the sale of narcotics, diversion of prescription medications and internet drug crimes. SCU also serves a major role in the gathering, processing and dissemination of criminal intelligence.