An important part of the Criminal Investigations Division's/Street Crimes Unit's mission is the gathering of criminal intelligence. In furtherance of that mission the department has established the TIPS phone and email accounts. These were set up to allow people to report instances of suspicious or criminal activity without the need to reveal their identity. We need your help to solve crimes, arrest criminals, recover stolen property and seize illegal drugs. That's why the TIPS phone and email lines are offered.

Call the TIPS Line

The TIPS phone line is accessed by calling 423-764-TIPS (764-8477). You can also provide a tip anonymously via email. Anyone providing information may remain anonymous if they wish, persons who identify themselves may be eligible for a reward should the information they provide result in an arrest. Any offer of a reward will be based upon several factors including, but not limited to, the severity of the crime, the accuracy and usefulness of the information provided and the department's ability to independently verify the information and successfully prosecute the offender. 

When Leaving a Tip 

The TIPS phone line is answered during normal business hours. If you do not get an answer you may leave the information in the form of a voice mail message or you may leave a name and phone number and someone will return your call. The email address is checked several times daily during normal business hours. However, if you have time sensitive information please contact the Communication Center at 423-989-5600. That will ensure that we are able to act on the provided information as efficiently as possible. All information received through the TIPS phone and email will be forwarded to the proper division of the department for appropriate follow-up and investigation.


TIPS line callers or emailers who wish to remain anonymous will never have their identity revealed. Those who wish to receive a return call should include contact information in their message.