• Use of electronic document submittal and transmittal whenever possible (BMP).
  • Implementation of electronic plan review which as reduced, or in many cases completely eliminated, paper copies of plans.
  • Implemented new site plan review regulations which require electronic plan submittal.
  • Implementation of electronic submission of building permit applications which has reduced, or in many cases eliminated, the paper copies of applications and reduced the number of trips to the inspections office for submission and return to actually secure the permit.
  • Use of the E-Gov for zoning designation inquiries has eliminated production of paper maps and zoning forms are replies are emailed to the person making the inquiry.
  • Use of technology in the field to reduce unnecessary trips to consummate business in the office. (BMP)
  • Dual monitors are in use by staff that routinely works with complex financial spreadsheets from multiple source documents to minimize data printing.
  • Imaging technology for document storage is being sued for maintenance and retrieval of important records (BMP)