Holston View Park

Holston View Park

Holston View Park is located directly behind Holston View Elementary School.  The 13 acre park includes 2 lighted tennis courts, 2 lighted basketball courts, and a 4 seat swing set.  The park also has 3 baseball fields and a soccer field.  The baseball fields are currently used by Bristol Little League.

The primary baseball field is a lighted regulation little league baseball field at 200 ft.  There is a 2 story score tower.  The upstairs section also has a large meeting room.  The downstairs serves as storage.  The dugouts are block construction and there is a chain-link batting cage.  There is a block/brick building that contains the concession stand and restrooms. 

The middle field is also a 200 ft. field without lighting.  The field is primarily used for t-ball and softball.  There is no score-tower and the dugouts are chin-link fence.

The lower filed is a 230 ft. softball field without lighting.  The dugouts are chain-link and there is no score tower. 

The soccer field serves more as a multi-purpose field.  Baseball and softball teams practice here as well as the Jr. Viking Football League.