Rotary Field

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Rotary Field is located at 401 Ash Street. It is comprised of 5.35 acres of land. This park has been the home for softball and baseball since the '50s. Over the years it has been used for football and many other Parks and Recreation activities. The park has gone through a number of renovations over the years with the latest being in 2011/2012.


This last renovation was a joint effort between the Parks and Recreation and the City School System. The school system was looking for a home for the THS and Vance girls' softball program and the close proximity to the 2 schools made it an ideal location.

The renovations included the construction of two 185-foot softball fields, a locker-room/field house, score tower/concessions building and renovations to an old structure for use as a maintenance building and additional restrooms. A new playground structure was also added. The playground for 5 to 12-year-olds and a 2 bay swing set with 4 belt seats.

New Fields

The 2 new fields are lighted with an energy efficient lighting system. Both fields are surrounded by chain link fence. Each field has a total of 21 lights, a 5 by 10-foot scoreboard and a PA system. Each field also has two 21-foot aluminum bleachers.

High School Field

The high school field also has a 55 by 24-foot field house complete with lockers, restrooms and an office. This building is connected to the dugout of the high school filed. The score tower for the fields is a 2 story structure. On the first floor, it has men's and women's restrooms, a 15 by 12-foot concession area and a storage room. The second floor has two 9 by 9-foot score keeper's rooms. The building has separate units for heat and air on each floor.

Maintenance Building

The tools and equipment needed for the maintenance of the fields are kept in a separate building. This building (24 by 32 feet) was the original restrooms and storage for the old ball fields. It was renovated so mowers and groomers could be pulled into the building through a garage door and secured.


The restrooms were left intact.