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Home SAFE - Safety Analysis for Emergencies

The Home SAFE (Safety Analysis for Emergencies) Program allows Bristol, Tennessee residents to request a home safety inspection from BFD firefighters who will, in addition to a safety inspection, home safety tips and printed safety literature.  This inspection is performed solely to provide fire safety tips and suggestions that will help safe guard a family from the threat of fire.  This inspection is a volunteer program that focuses on residential occupancy.  This inspection is free of charge and no citations or fines will result from this inspection.. Each year there is an average of 3,000 civilian fire deaths associated to non-arson residential fires and the Home SAFE Program will help our efforts toward preventing home fire fatalities in Bristol.

Commercial Fire Safety Inspection Form

Bristol Fire Rescue is implementing a Commercial Fire Inspection Program to enhance their fire/pre-incident inspection program, expedite the inspection process, and promote safety awareness in the workplace. Public education is a proven tool for developing a collaborative partnership with our community while fostering a safe workplace environment.  Fire/Pre-incident inspections of commercial properties are beneficial for preventing incidents that may interrupt the day to day operations of a business and for reducing injuries, property losses, and financial challenges.


The Commercial Fire Safety Inspection Program is designed to improve efficiency, create less disruption to business operations, and to basically streamline the inspection process while making it more business friendly.  The program also will reduce the amount of time that firefighters (inspectors) will have to spend in the field and enable business owners and employees to become more knowledgeable about recognizing and correcting fire safety deficiencies.  Hopefully, the program will serve to develop and expand a more proactive attitude toward fire safety in the business community.   


The Commercial Fire Safety Inspection program will target businesses that are statistically at a lower risk for fire. Included are businesses such as small offices, mercantile, hair salons, law offices, florist shops, etc.  The annual fire department on-site inspections will continue but should be less time consuming for both business and fire personnel, and still achieve the same level of fire and life safety through proper fire code compliance.  Eligible businesses can fill out the Commercial Fire Safety Inspection form and correct any violations that they are able to detect; thus, avoiding a more formal and time consuming fire department inspection.  A fire safe work environment is of value to the public, employees, business owners, taxpayers, and the fire department.


Please check the links below to view the Bristol Fire/Rescue Commercial Fire Safety Inspection form and other related safety information that is provided by the Bristol TN Fire Department.  You may also contact Assistant Fire Chief Jack Spurgeon for more information at 989-5701 or at


 Bristol Fire/Rescue Commercial Fire Safety Inspection Form