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Bristol Tennessee Emergency Communications District 911


To register your phone numbers to receive our CODERED emergency notifications, Please click the CODERED logo. For more information about this system, click on the current news tab located at the left of the screen. 

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​The History of Bristol Tennessee 911

The Bristol Tennessee Emergency Communications District was established by referendum in 1994 and operates in conjunction with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department. The 911 District is responsible for all 911 equipment and services and the Police Department furnished the personnel, facility, and dispatching equipment. 

The 911 is a separate entity operated under the direction of a seven member Board of Directors. 

Historically, there has been some confusion over the role of 911 verses dispatch in the realm of emergency response. The law, TCA 7-86-103, currently states that 911 should receive the 911 call, determine the emergency and location, and notify the appropriate response agency. Consolidated dispatch centers, such as ours, include the initial dispatch and coordination of all follow up to and from the responding units. Our 911 is located in the Police Department and the calls are answered by the same personnel who will be dispatching and coordinating the emergency response. 

Bristol, Tennessee 911 provides many services to the residents and businesses in our City. 
  • Professional, trained, licensed and certified 911 Dispatchers.
  • Enhanced 911
  • TTY/TDD Calling
  • Emergency and non-emergency telephone instructions
  • Automated call mapping
  • Police, Fire and Medical Dispatch
  • After hours City Services answering point and dispatch
  • Automated Emergency Notification System (CODERED)
  • Public Education
  • 911 Tours.

​We are always here to serve you!

Our Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There is always a minimum of two dispatchers on duty, and we strive to have three.