Business Licenses

Apply for a Business License

There is a $15 fee for the initial license. For your convenience, you may print an application from the link above, the state of TN,  or Room 203 in the Municipal Building located at 801 Anderson Street. Upon completion of the application, the license will be issued. For more information contact our office.

Business tax is assessed for the privilege of conducting business within the City of Bristol, Tennessee. The state business tax applies to all businesses. The City passed a local business tax ordinance that requires all businesses to be licensed and taxes paid. A business must get two licenses if located within the limits of the City of Bristol, Tennessee. One license from the City and one by Sullivan County, Tennessee. 

Effective January 1, 2014, out-of-state taxpayer with no business locations in the state must obtain a Tennessee account number from the Department of Revenue. No city license is required except for businesses in Classification 4. This classification is for contractors and for the sale of certain farm products. Entities in this classification require both a city and county business license in any jurisdiction in which they receive $50.00 or more in gross receipts during the tax reporting period. 

Also effective January 1, 2014, businesses located in Tennessee that have between $3,000 and $10,000 in annual sales must get a minimal activity business license from the city and county. Taxpayers located outside Tennessee that have no business location in the state will not need a minimal activity business license. Out-of-state companies are not subject to the state tax unless their sales are more than $10,000 within a jurisdiction. For instance, a business would only have to report sales in excess of $10,000 to the City.