Bristol First Serving with P.R.I.D.E


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 Serving with P.R.I.D.E.

Employees are the City's most valuable asset and play a critical role in contributing to the attainment of the Council's goals, objectives and mission. The City of Bristol recognizes the importance of motivating, rewarding and developing employees. As such, this program has been developed to recognize individual and team efforts, and to encourage and empower employees to work to the fullest extent of their capabilities. These are the values that guide the employees for the City of Bristol:

P- People First: We will display selflessness by giving priority to the needs of citizens, coworkers and employees.

R- Respect: We will treat others with courtesy and dignity by valuing their ideas, opinions, needs and differences.

I- Integrity: We will serve with honesty, trust, fair play and hard work and we will be accountable for our actions.

D- Deliver: We will follow through on commitments to self, staff, the community and exceed their expectations.

E- Excel: We will create a work environment that stimulates innovation and continuous improvement.