BTPD Missing and Wanted Persons

These names are updated regularly. This list is current as of 12/30/2014.  Persons with any information on the whereabouts of these subjects are asked to call the Bristol Tennessee Police Department at 423-989-5600 or you may call anonymously at 423-764-TIPS. 

Jacob Dale Carico
Cody Scott Matney
Combs, Bobbie L City Summons
Mallicote, Lional City Summons
Sexton, Jessica City Summons
Anderson, Jon Paul Arrest Warrant
Benson, Kenneth Allen Arrest Warrant
Blevins, Scott Lee Arrest Warrant
Booher, Chelsey S Arrest Warrant
Bradley, Case James Arrest Warrant
Carr, Bradley Arrest Warrant
Carrier, Cody Arrest Warrant
Carter, Kevin D Arrest Warrant
Castro, Carlos Arrest Warrant
Cirone, Michael J Arrest Warrant
Collins, Amber Nichole Arrest Warrant
Cox, Gina D Arrest Warrant
Crawford, Breanna Mary Arrest Warrant
Dingus, Ronnie Frank Arrest Warrant
Dugger, Carol D Arrest Warrant
Foster, William Benard Arrest Warrant
Good, Stephen Allen Arrest Warrant
Gullion, Joseph Alan Arrest Warrant
Hawk, Trista R Arrest Warrant
Kaul, Michael Miles Arrest Warrant
Lancaster, Christopher R Arrest Warrant
Lovelace, Ricky Joe Arrest Warrant
McCurry, Terry E Arrest Warrant
McDavid, Johnny Arrest Warrant
McDonald, Fred Arrest Warrant
Minton, Elizabeth Ann Arrest Warrant
Morgan, Dean A Arrest Warrant
Mutter, Ronnie Eugene Arrest Warrant
Necessary, Joe Brandon Arrest Warrant
Paine, Shawna Kay Arrest Warrant
Pullon, Daniel L Arrest Warrant
Quinlan, Stacy Jean Arrest Warrant
Ray, Kenneth Lee Arrest Warrant
Redford, Jerri B Arrest Warrant
Roark, Heather M Arrest Warrant
Self, Chad Anthony Arrest Warrant
Smith, Paul N Arrest Warrant
Sneed,Curtis B Arrest Warrant
Thomas, Rufus Lee Jr Arrest Warrant
Townsend, Dustin Heath Arrest Warrant
Triplett, Tony D Arrest Warrant
Vallejo, Zenon Caneteno Arrest Warrant
Wright, Timothy Arrest Warrant
ACTIVE CAPIAS             
Austin, Shaun D Capias 
Blevins, Robert G Jr Capias
Burke, Melissa F Capias
Cannon, Don Capias
Craig, David Bria Capias
Craig, Glenda A Capias
Hubbard, Betty Capias
Hubbard, Brenda Capias
Johnson, James R Capias
Johnson, Susan L Capias
Keesee, Lyndsey D Capias
Lichlyter,Charles A Capias
Marshall, David L Capias
Mitchell, Sophia Capias
Owens, Lance A Capias
Poore, Cortney Capias
Ramirez, Harminio Mendez Capias
Ranos, Virginia Capias
Shelley, Janna E Capias
Smith, Jeffery Wallace Capias
Tanner, Jessica Capias
Taylor, Lakila Capias
Timbes, Candice  Capias
Timbes, Lesley D Jr Capias
Vaughn, Adam Capias
Young, Michael B Capias
Bailey, John Junior Criminal Summons
Blair, Tony  Criminal Summons
Brinkley, Samual John Criminal Summons
Cable, James Criminal Summons
Canter, Darrell Criminal Summons
Cisneros, Albert Raphael Criminal Summons
Collin Jr, Kenny Eugene Criminal Summons
Dinkins, Paul Matthew Criminal Summons
Dudley, Chantel Criminal Summons
Felty, Nora Virginia Criminal Summons
Gatliff, Timothy Wayne Criminal Summons
Glover, Travis Eugene Criminal Summons
Hall, Jeremy D Criminal Summons
Hess, Jonathan Gregory Criminal Summons
Holt, Gary Criminal Summons
Johnson Jr, Marlon Criminal Summons
Jones, Gregg Criminal Summons
King, Gerold Raymond Criminal Summons
Lane, Todd Matthew Criminal Summons
Laughlin, Michael Scott Criminal Summons
Mabe, Jackson Stevenson Criminal Summons
Martin, Laura Lousie Criminal Summons
McCain, Wanda Jean Criminal Summons
McClure, John Junior Criminal Summons
McCray, Adam Criminal Summons
Mercer, Michael Monro Criminal Summons
Miller, John David Criminal Summons
Mole, Mark A Jr Criminal Summons
Musser, Mary A Criminal Summons
Neely, Robert Walter Criminal Summons
Owens, Brittany Cox Criminal Summons
Owens, Glen Darwin Criminal Summons
Pack, Alishia Danielle Criminal Summons
Pendleton, Jennifer L Criminal Summons
Peters, Paul W Criminal Summons
Redford, Jerri Criminal Summons
Rosenbalm, Danny Ray Criminal Summons
Roswan, John L Criminal Summons
Royston, Robert Stinson Criminal Summons
Rutledge, Rebekah Lynn Criminal Summons
Sailor, Corey Allen Criminal Summons
Sailor, Heather Leah Criminal Summons
Shaffer, Scott D Criminal Summons
Sullivan, Tina Elaine Criminal Summons
Woodfin, George Houston Criminal Summons