How do I register my utility account online and pay my bill online?

Go to and click on the PAY NOW icon.  The next screen will prompt you to select Login or Sign up.  Follow the instructions accordingly. 

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1. How do I register my utility account online and pay my bill online?
2. What if I have questions or suggestions for online pay service?
3. What if I have a question about my utility bill?
4. Once I have signed up for automatic bank withdrawal how do I cancel?
5. What if I want someone other than myself to receive my utility bill, such as a spouse or third party?
6. Does it cost anything to use the online payment system?
7. Is there any special software program that I need to view my bill online?
8. What if I receive a message that the system is unavailable?
9. What kind of online security does the city use to protect customer account information?
10. I have a billing dispute for a recurring payment that has already been debited/charged to my account, what do I do?
11. Is there a charge for a returned check or electronic payment?
12. How do I update my credit card or bank draft information through the third party payment company?
13. When will my payment through the third party payment company be charged to my debit/credit card or be withdrawn from my checking account?
14. When will my first recurring payment take effect?
15. What if my services have been disconnected for non-payment?
16. How do I add an additional account to my utility account registration?
17. What if I forget or want to change my username or password on my utility account online?
18. What is the difference between service and account addresses?