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911 District

  1. 911 Recognition Nomination Form

    Do you have a 911 Operator you would like to Nominate

  1. RED E. FOX Visit Request

Brand Logo Application

  1. Application for the use of City of Bristol, Tennessee trademarks and logos

    Application for the use of the City of Bristol, Tennessee trademarks and logos

Economic Development

  1. Rail Use Survey

    This survey form is meant to provide us information related to your potential use of a shared rail trans-loading facility. If you are... More…

Hiring Expo

  1. Oct 2018 Workforce Development Resource Registration
  1. October 2018 Employer Registration Form

    The City of Bristol, TN will hold a Hiring Expo on Thursday, October 18, 2018. If you are interested in participating in the Hiring... More…

Taxes & Finances

  1. Tax Increment Financing Application

    Please complete and submit the following information to the Bristol Tennessee Housing & Redevelopment Authority (BTHRA) for a more... More…

    • Applicant Information
    • Project / Property Information
    • Project Budget / Financing Strategy
    • Buyer Certification and Acknowledgment
    Where there is not enough room for responses provided, please use an attachment. Please see the City of Bristol Tax lncrement Financing Policy and Guidelines (PDF) for further information related to this Application. A $1,000 non-refundable review fee is required with the submission of this application.Less…