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Bristol Tennessee Police Department Auxiliary Application

  1. Bristol TN City Seal -High Res
  2. Bristol Tennessee Police Department
    Auxiliary Application
  3. Sex
  4. Military Service
  5. Do you have any physical or mental impairment to prevent you from:
    (Check all that apply)
  6. I agree to be fingerprinted.
  7. I agree to sign a liability release.
  8. I agree to sign an information release form.
  9. I agree to run the physical agility obstacle course.
  10. I agree to submit a psychological test.
  11. Are you a graduate of the Bristol TN Police Department Citizen Police Academy?
  12. Are you currently certified as a police officer in any state?
  13. I certify that the information I have given is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and authorize investigation of all statements including my criminal record. I understand that the Bristol Tennessee Police Department Auxiliary/Reserve is a total voluntary force and that, if accepted, I would be willing to serve with no expectation of compensation from the City of Bristol. I understand that I would be responsible for obtaining all equipment, uniforms etc, and my physical and psychological exams. I agree, if accepted, to abide by all rules and regulations of the Bristol Tennessee Police Department. I realize any misrepresentation on the application or misconduct will result in my not being accepted into the Bristol Tennessee Police Department Auxiliary/Reserve Program.
  14. Leave This Blank: