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1&2 Family Residential Combination Permit Application

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  2. 1&2 Family Residential Combination Permit Application
  3. Development Services Department
    Code Enforcement Division
    Municipal Annex Building
    104 8th Street
    Bristol, TN 37620
  4. Relationship to Property Owner
  5. Type Permit
  6. Type Project
  7. Include cost of all labor and materials for the entire project.
  8. Current Code
  9. Corner Lot
  10. Finished
  11. Attached
  12. Checklist for Submission
    • Application completed.
    • If this is new construction or an addition, a site or plot plan drawn to scale showing the location of the proposed structure and all other structures on site are required. Show all setbacks and easements and indicate distances to all property lines and easements from the proposed building. An approved site plan may be required.
    • One set of building plans drawn to scale with sufficient detail and clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed. If the project is an A, E, H, I and R1 occupancies are required to be designed and sealed by a design professional registered in the State of Tennessee. Other occupancies in excess of 5,000 square feet may also require a sealed set of plans. Plans may be submitted electronically. Contact our office for details.
    • Is this is a new building, provide receipt for water and sewer services when applicable.
    • If this project is a renovation of an existing building that was built prior to 1985, an asbestos survey must be performed and if found, must be properly removed or encapsulated and a report submitted to the State of Tennessee prior to any demolition or abatement work being done. EPA guidelines must be followed.
    • Floodplain Elevation Certificate, if in Special Flood Hazard Area.
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