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Request for Driving School

  1. Request for Driving School

  2. If you have attended Municipal Court and received the signed form from our Judge, you may request to sign up via this website. You must also make your request within the 30 days allotted by our judge. You must attend court prior to signing up. If you request driving school and have not attended our court your request will be denied.

    You will need to pay $141.00 and provide a copy of the signed form from our Judge, you may place these in our drop box located on 8th Street behind our court house. If you owe any outstanding balances for prior citations, they will need to be paid as well. To see if you have any outstanding balances you may call 423-989-5500 or email If you have a citation from another court, you will need to pay $75.00 and provide proof from that court.

  3. We currently have the following days available.

    MAY 7
    MAY 16
    JUNE 4
    JUNE 13

  4. Thursday night is 6:00pm-10:00pm and Saturday is 8:00am-noon. They are all located at our Slater Center, 325 McDowell Street.

  5. Please provide the following information:

  6. Once your payment and request is received, you will receive a form with your school date information. This will be emailed to you. If you have any questions, you may call Municipal Court or Police Records at 423-989-5500.

    Please keep in mind that things can change daily due to the coronavirus. If we cancel a class, we will call you to reschedule. Please make sure you provide a current phone number.

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