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  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Staff Approvals
  • Step One

    1. City Seal for Press Releases -VECTOR.jpg
    2. Grading Permit
    3. Development Services Department

      Planning Division

      Municipal Annex Building

      104 8th Street

      P.O. Box 1189

      Bristol, TN 37620


      Fax: 423-989-5748

    4. Relationship to Property Owner
    5. Type Project
      If the area to be disturbed is 1 acre or more, a Tennessee Construction General Permit is REQUIRED. This permit must be in place prior to this permit being issued and a copy of the permit must be attached to this application.
    6. (include cost of all labor & materials for the entire project)
    7. Tennesee Call Before You Dig.jpg
    8. Best Management Practices Must Be Employed
      Controls Must Be Installed Prior to the Start of Construction & Remain in Place at all Times During Construction
      Water Quantity AND Water Quality Leaving The Site Must be Controlled
    9. Applicable Codes
      Federal Clean Water Act of 1987 through the Tennessee Erosion & Sediment Control Regulations
    10. Checklist for Submission