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Home Occupation Application

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  2. Home Occupation Application
  3. Development Services Department

    Municipal Annex Building

    104 8th Street

    P.O.Box 1189

    Bristol, TN 37621-1189

    Phone: 423-989-5514

    Fax: 423-989-5717

  4. A home occupation is defined in Section 203 of Bristol Tennessee Zoning ordinance as: Any occupation or profession conducted in accordance with Section 223 of this Chapter, and provided a Home Occupation Permit has been issued.
    A Home Occupation Permit may be revoked when it is determined that the conditions of its issuance are not being met.
  5. Criteria for issuance of a Home Occupation Permit are listed below:
    • A home occupation fee has been submitted with the application.
    • A business license has been paid for or applied for.
    • I will only use 25% of the gross area or 500 sq.ft., whichever amount is less, for my home occupation, including the storage of any related material or products.
    • I will be the only employee at the site of the home occupation.
    • I understand that no more than two businesses may operate from my home at any one time.
    • I understand that no service of any kind may be sold or transferred to a customer, consumer or client on the property, excluding the use of a fax machine, telephone, internet, or postal transaction.
    • I understand that no products or materials may be visible from the outdoors.
    • I understand that no activity is permitted outdoors on the property.
    • I understand there may be no signage or advertisement that will indicate the location of the home application.
    • I understand that any advertisement that is place in any media (newspaper, magazine, telephone directory, radio, television, online, etc.) may not contain the address or indicate the location of the home occupation.
    • I understand there may not be a significant increase in the use of utilities such as water, sewer, gas, garbage, or electricity.
    • I understand that business deliveries to the premises may occur no more than twice per day.
    • I agree not to create noise, vibration, glare, smoke, fumes, odors, or electrical interference to the normal senses beyond the property lines of the lot or if within a multi-family structure, beyond the confines of the individual dwelling unite.
    • I understand that instructions of students shall be limited to not more than three (3) persons at a time and not more fifteen (15) students in a 24 hour period.
    • i agree that all parking associated with the home occupation shall occur on the premises.
    • I understand that only one (1) commercial vehicle (1.5 ton or less in size) may be used in conjunction with the home occupation and that such vehicle must be stored in a garage or building and be concealed and not visible from the street, sidewalk, or alley.
    • I understand that the home occupation must comply with all conditions of permit issuance or suffer revocation as provided by the ordinance.
    • I understand that a home occupation permit will be revoked should it be determined that the conditions of its issuance are not being met.
    • I certify that I have read and understand each of the Home Occupation Permit limitations and I will comply with all limitations.
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