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Permit Application Business Location within the Residential Office (RO) Zoning District

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  2. Permit Application
    Business Location within the
    Residential Office (RO) Zoning District
  3. Development Services Department

    Planning Division

    Municipal Annex Building

    104 8th Street

    P.O. Box 1189

    Bristol, TN 37620


    Fax: 423-989-5748

  4. The Residential Office District is intended to foster adaptive reuse of structures within existing residential neighborhoods in a manner which clearly maintains the residential character of the neighborhood. The zoning district will allow specific uses that are similar to permitted home occupations, as well as professional offices, independent artist related uses, and limited retail, food, and personal services uses. The Residential Office District is to be utilized in areas that are undergoing land use transition and are located between non-residential uses and existing residential neighborhoods in areas that immediately about either arterial thoroughfares or non-residential commercial or office land uses. The neighborhood's residential character and scale is to be maintained through design and land use requirements, such as parking in the rear yard, screening between business and residential use areas, shared parking and driveway and alley access, and the adaptive reuse and retrofit of existing residential structures.
  5. Proposed number of residential units
  6. Each property is allowed one single post bracket sign as shown below. You are also entitled to one wall mount sign which is 3 square feet or less. Please attach a sketch of your proposed signs meeting these dimensions.
  7. ro zoning image.jpg
  8. Please attach a sketch showing how the site will be used. Include the following items:
    Location of the structure(s) on the property
    Residential and non-residential entrances to the structure
    Pedestrian access (sidewalks/paths)
    Driveway location
    Parking area
    Exterior rear yard non-residential use including opaque screening or evergreens if required
  9. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Business Location with the Residential Office (RO) Zoning District requirements, as found above and as found in Section 309 of the City of Bristol Tennessee Zoning Ordinance. If approved, I agree to operate my business in a manner per the Section 309 criteria in order to comply with the permitted uses and limitations of this ordinance in operating a business in my residence. All information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge.
    NAICS Code Number: _______
    Number of Required Parking Spaces:
    Percent of site landscaped:
    Is any required buffering provided?
    Is 5% of the site landscaped?
    Does the proposed sign (both free-standing and wall mount) comply with the regulations?
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